A FUN, challenging and inter-active delivery style, giving you a safe pair of hands that will amuse, educate and inspire your audience.

Well over 200 research interviews with top achievers provides the foundation for our delivery content.
What is your current providers content based upon?

Award winning, International speaker and trainer for twenty plus years, presenting to between 10’000 – 50’000 people globally each year.
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Academy for chief executives – speaker hall of fame
One of only 6 people to hold this award.
PSAE – award of excellence (professional speaking association)
One of only 16 people to hold this award.
FPSA – Fellow of the PSA (professional speaking association)
One of only 50 people to hold this award.

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For business teams, conferences, schools, colleges, universities and chief executive groups Stretch provide…

  • Goal setting (massive goals)
  • Purpose and mission
  • Memory & revision skills
  • Motivation and team development
  • Stress prevention
  • Speaking & presentation skills
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Mastermind groups